Intuos tablets are considered by many to be the best line of tablets for your computer. They are used by many digital artists, archetects, CAD drafters, photo editors, and periodical companies for their industry professionals. They have a higher standard of quality than most tablets created by other companies at a higher price.

Differences Between Graphire and Intuos Tablets

Many people ask what the differences between the Intuos and Graphire tablets are. Although they are not noticable for many beginners, industry professionals such as digital artists and animators tend to notice them. Here is a list of the features the current model of Intuos tablets (Intuos 3) have that Graphire tablets do not:

  • 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity (Graphires have 512)
  • 8 express keys (Graphires have 2)
  • 2 touchstrips
  • ToolID - identifies different tools such as the airbrush tool, the mouse, and the pen. This gives the ability to customize settings by tool accessories beyond the pen and mouse.
  • An included 5 button mouse (versus a 3 button for Graphire tablets)
  • A grip pen instead of the standard hard-plastic pen
  • Pen-tilt support to detect the different angle your pen is at for utilization in programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

If you are a beginner and not interested in this many features, you may want to check out the Graphire line of Wacom tablets.


As of yet, Wacom does not have an auto-updater for their drivers; So users of any Wacom tablet should check for updates regularly at www.wacom.com.

Current Driver Version

Wacom drivers are currently in version 4.96-3 for Mac OS X 10.2.8 and later. They are in version 4.96-7a for Windows. Users with a pervious 4.96 version for Windows should immediately update do to a known problem where it can crash Windows along with the drivers just flat not working.