The following rough rules are what I apply when deciding whether an uploaded picture can be approved and placed into the Archive. They aren't hard and fast rules, but rather are intended as guidance to help an artist know what to expect. There are many circumstances in which exceptions may be granted, and there is always the possibility that an inappropriate picture is in the Archive simply because I overlooked it. For these reasons, please just try to keep to these Guidelines when uploading your work, and don't upload art that they suggest would not be acceptable. It saves both my time and yours.


  • Any art portraying the original Lion King characters from any of the movies or Disney shows, as long as it is your own work and not copied from movie stills or any art already in existence.
  • Pictures of your or other people's original characters, as long as they have at least some vague connection to the Lion King universe. The Lion King universe encompasses African animals, big cats, created big-cat-like species, and the general natural setting of southeastern Africa. It does not include non-African wolves, horses, or the human world (including dogs and house cats)though some art of these subjects may be allowed, as long as it does not dominate your gallery.
  • Montages of original Disney art, that is, art from the movies that is composited together in an artistic way.
  • Artistic re-interpretations of Disney artbut only in special cases. I won't take movie screenshots that have been run through a Photoshop filter, or straight pencil sketches of Disney pictures. I'm talking about oil paintings, 3D renderings, sculpturesthings which take significant creative effort.
  • Parodies of Disney art. Tastefully, though!
  • Anthropomorphic or "furry" versions of TLK characters or role-playing characters that fit within the Lion King universe. Remember, no non-TLK-related "furry" charactersthere are other, more appropriate places where you can post those.
  • Landscapes, maps, etc. of parts of the Lion King universe. Remember, fan-art doesn't have to be just character pictures!
  • Videos, animations, or movie files that contain original contentthat is, where the art and sound are created by you. Please, no "music videos"!

Not Acceptable:

  • Disney clip-art pictures where the colors have been altered in MS Paint and the character name has been changed.
  • Disney clip-art pictures that have had wings or scars or jewelry added in order to make them "original". Sorry, doesn't count.
  • Disney clip-art pictures that you claim to be your own work. (It's amazing how many people try to get away with this.)
  • Other people's fan-artwork that you have uploaded under your own name. This includes art that other artists have done for you! If they drew it, they should upload it under their own name. This includes line-art that they have placed in the Coloring Cave! If you color art that you find in the Coloring Cave, you should upload the colored version back into the Coloring Cave next to the line-art you colored, not into your own gallery.
  • "Furry" or role-playing characters that have nothing to do with the Lion King universe. No humans, Pokemon, South Park, anime, dragons, Neopets, or "furry" characters that don't have anything to do with TLK. "Crossovers" are fine, but please be reasonable about it.
  • Characters from movies or shows other than TLK (especially if they're not big cats or African animals). "TLK-like" characters from other Disney movies are okay in limited quantities.
  • Disney art that has simply been re-drawn or Photoshopped. Artistic re-interpretations of Disney art are okay, but in special circumstances only.
  • Logos, banners, landscapes, etc. that don't have any Lion King-related content. A cityscape with a Lion King character in it is okay, but a cityscape by itself isn't.
  • Photographs, unless they're of physical art that can't be scanned (such as sculptures), or used as the basis for significant creative modification. Please don't upload photos of your Lion King plushies, or pictures of your pets or yourself. I'll occasionally make exceptions (such as a single self-portrait) for well-established artists, but please don't push this.
  • Anything with sexual or violent content, drug use, or foul language, beyond a "PG" rating.
  • "Attack" artworkany material that directly attacks another artist, or any real person for that matter.
  • "Music Videos", or movies created by editing parts of the Lion King movies and setting them to a popular song. These take up a lot of space on the server and eat up bandwidth; and more importantly; they put this site in a very precarious legal position, since arguably none of the content is "original", and it involves many disparate copyright holders.
  • Art that is "intended to inflame"that inherently will offend or outrage a majority of reasonable viewers. We have a great community atmosphere here; deliberately disrupting that atmosphere is one of the worst things you can do.
  • Art whose purpose is to proselytize a personal belief about religion, politics, et cetera; this goes for conduct in bulletins, comments, and other areas as well as uploaded art, too. This is a Lion King art site, and there are plenty of other sites out there that are more appropriate if your goal is to promote a personal agenda. Note well that this site is not a democracyit's a privately run and financed community resource, and therefore the administrator gets to decide what counts as "proselytizing" and what doesn't.


Many uploaded pictures require me to make a "judgment call", and so these rules are only rough guidelines. Occasionally I will make exceptions, depending on an artist's history of staying on-topic, demonstrated commitment to keeping to the spirit of the Guidelines, or other special circumstances.

If you find art in other artists' galleries that do not fit these rules, please do not assume that it means that that kind of art is okay to upload. It might have been allowed through with a warning, or as part of a special arrangement with the artist, or in error. These Guidelines should be considered authoritative. If you have questions about whether something is appropriate, please contact me and ask.

Thank you for your help in building the fan-artwork community!

Brian Tiemann 01:35, 24 April 2007 (PDT)