"Who you callin' Upidstay?!"

Banzai is the dominate male hyena of the trio who served Scar and is second in command under Shenzi. He is voiced by Cheech Marin.

The Lion King

Banzai is first seen with his partners Shenzi and Ed in the elephant graveyard. He and the others confront Zazu and the cubs Simba and Nala and theaten to eat them for tresspassing on their land. The hyenas chased the cubs and Zazu after they'd managed to escape. After Bazai put Zazu in a geyser, the "birdie boiler" Simba appeared and challenged him to pick on someone his own size. Angry, the hyenas gave chase again until they cornered the cubs in a box canyon. Banzai taunted the trapped cubs with "Here kitty, kitty" before Mufasa jumped in and saved his son. Mufasa spared the hyenas, but not before he gave Banzai a clawing on his behind. Banzai complained back at the den that he wouldn't "be able to sit for a week." (More soon)

The Stampede

Banzai "had to have a wildebeest" just before Scar's plan went into motion but Shenzi stopped him from charging prematurally. When Scar appeared above a cliff, giving the hyenas the signal, Shenzai led Banzai and Ed into the charge. The three hyenas startled the wildebeest, sending them into a stampede. With the hyenas snarling and snapping at their heels, the wildebeest were forced to run down into the gorge where Simba was waiting. After the last animal went down the steep hill, the hyenas stopped running and started laughing.

After Scar found Simba and told him to "run away," he gave the order to the hyenas to finish Simba off. Banzai barely missed Simba with his claws as the young cub climbed over a rock up a steep cliff. Banzai climbed up after Simba and charged down the other side. He barely noticed the huge mess of thorn bushes at the bottom of the hill to stop in time. He sighed in relief a little too soon. Shenzi and Ed skidded to a stop behind him, bumping him into the thorn bushes. Banzai screamed and jumped out of the bushes. He limped back to his pack mates and started pulling out thorns with his teeth.

Banzai "Cactus Butt" in the thorn bushes

When Shenzi pointed out that Simba couldn't survive in the desert, Banzai agreed and yelled after Simba that they'd kill him if he came back. With that, the trio of hyenas when back to the Pridelands, where Scar was claiming the throne. (More soon)

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