Balto is based on the true story of a dogsled team that brought hope and healing back to the small town of Nome, Alaska in 1925. Balto is, quite literally, an underdog. He's half husky, half wolf, and in the the canine society of Alaska, that's a racial combination equal to a social death sentence. He's often the brunt of jokes and his worth is threatened regularly because of his heritage. Balto's spirit is publicly ignored based on his breeding. He's a social outcast, but finds friendship from Boris, a goose with a heavy Russian accent, Muk & Luk, a couple of roly-poly polar bears, and the object of his affection, the sleek and classy Jenna. The big dog in town, Steele, also has his eye on Jenna, but she's not interested in his ego or his accomplishments in the least.

When a diptheria epidemic sweeps the town, several children are infected, including Rosie, Jenna's owner. All routes to hospitals and areas where supplies could be sent are blocked by a fierce snowstorm, and the only way to retrieve the medical supplies is a dogsled team, led by Steele. Balto, Jenna and Boris follow them, hoping to help the team reach their destination, and when Jenna is injured, she urges Balto to go on without her. When Steele leads his team astray, Balto steps in, and Steele, insanely jealous, fights with Balto, resulting in himself being throws off a cliff. Balto manages to lead the team safely to the supplies, but finds Steele has put a wrench in the gears, ruining the system of directions Balto had devised to find his way back. Balto feels lost and frustrated, but when he's visited by a legendary White Wolf, he embraces his heritage, regains confidence, and is able to lead the team find the way back to Nome with the anti-toxin, saving all of the infected children. Categories:Non - Lion King Characters