Ahadi is Mufasa and Scar's father and Simba's grandfather. His first and only appearance is in the TLK6NA book "A Tale of Two Brothers". It has not yet been confirmed wether he or Uru are the son/daughter of Mohatu. His mate and Queen was Uru, mother to Mufasa and Scar. He was the King of the Pridelands before his oldest son and would choose Mufasa as his heir. He is mentioned in the Lion King: Six New Adventures with different appearances and in the illustrations and cover of the book, "A Tale of Two Brothers" he appears as a clone of Mufasa. The differences between him and his son are that he had darker fur, his over eye is darker than Mufasa's, and the under eye is orange instead of dark yellow.!

Ahadi from "A Tale of Two Brothers"

But in the story, this is said: "Rafiki looked up and saw a lion on the rocks above him. He had a long black mane and bright green eyes. It was Ahadi, the Lion King." ("A Tale of Two Brothers", pg 16-17)

It is rumored that Ahadi played favorites with Mufasa, which may be one of the reasons for Scar's jealousy, but this has yet to be confirmed. Some rumors also include Ahadi giving Taka his notable scar, but in the story it is confirmed that he gets it from teasing a buffalo named Boma and getting attacked as a result. Ahadi was the one who appointed Zuzu (Zazu's mother) to be his eyes and ears of the kingdom and Rafiki to be his teacher in all things worth knowing. He wanted the best for his lands and for everyone to cooperate and live in harmony. "This is the beginning of a great era for all of us under the stars" (Ahadi, "A Tale of Two Brothers", pg 59)

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