Adobe Photoshop was origially released to the public as version 1.0 in February of 1990 only to Mac OS. Since then, Adobe Photoshop has grown in great leaps, now boasting many features such as scanner import, digital painting, digital airbrushing, layers, and countless other things. Photoshop has become mainstream for use by digital artists, photographers, animators, and video game designers.

Photoshop is currently in its 9.0 build (also known as CS2) and runs on Mac OS X 10.4 and newer and Windows 2000 and up.

Basics of Photoshop

Photoshop is a huge program! In this tutorial, I can show you the very basics of how to use photoshop but the best way to learn you way around a program is to mess around with it (Or get a book xD). When you first open up photoshop, what you see is very daunting at first. There are a lot of windows open to the right, alot of menus placed everywhere and a tool box to the left which looks very confusing. Its not that bad once you get used to it and hopefully, by the end of this tutorial you'll be little more familiar with it and it wont seem so bad the next time you open it up :P

Ok, so first thing is first. You need a new page to work on. So go to File, New, Like so-


you will then get a window which looks like :


Now, this window is all to do with the set up of your page. You can manually enter in what size you want your image to be (average is around 800x600. any bigger and people get annoyed :P) or you can click the drop down box and choose one of photoshops own preset sizes. -


You may find with all those windows open to the right of the page that your working space seems a little crowded and small. You dont need all those windows so teh easiest thing to do is close them all down.. thats right, every one of them! Then go to the 'window' menu. This menu shows you which windows you have open and which you dont and allows you to open and close windows. All you need right now if the layers window. So click 'layers' and the layers window should open.-


Your work space should now look like this:


Before you do anything, you need to know what the buttons do... this image wil show you the layers window and the main buttons you will need to know. (I ahve left some out because 1) they're not necessary for simple drawins and 2) I didnt have any room :P but mess around with them if you're curious!)


and this one - the tool box to your left.- (dont worry, its not a complicated as it looks :P)


Ok.. now you know that, we can get started. Rule number 1.. Never draw your drawing on the background layer! Create a new layer (The screenshot on the layers window shows you how in the previous step) It is always alot neater and easier to name your layers so name this one 'Sketch'. you can Do this by right clicking (Ctrl-click on a Mac) and go to 'Layer Properties' and rename it.-


then press ok.-


--- to be continued. I have to go to work :P