This is the How-To wiki for [The Lion King Fan-Art Archive](""). Any artist can edit the information in this wiki.

**New Users, please read the [[Intro to the TLKFAAwiki]] article.**

[Tutorials](/tutorials/) — articles on everything from lion anatomy to Photoshop

[TLKFAA](/tlkfaa/) — a guide to The Lion King Fan-Art Archive

[Software](/software/) — a comprehensive list of programs useful to a TLKFAA artist

[Devices](/devices/) — a comprehensive list of computer attachments useful to a TLKFAA artist

[Sketcher](/sketcher/) — a guide to the Sketcher

[[Image Formats]] — information on converting and resizing your pictures in JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats

[[Movie Resources]] — information on the TLK movies useful to artists.

[Glossary](/glossary/) — commonly used terms and abbreviations within the fandom.

[FAQ](/faq/) — frequently asked questions.

**Please take a look at the [[To-Do]] page for a list of pages that need to be fleshed out by our talented and motivated contributors.**


Uploaded artwork is moderated and subject to the posted [Guidelines](/guidelines/), which you should read and understand.

[Copyright](/copyright/) information of interest to fan-artists.

[Approvals](/approvals/) take place daily, on weekdays.